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Primary Care at Wonder Medicine

Primary care with Wonder Medicine is a new and better way of providing primary medical care in the Boise area. As a concierge doctor, only our active members are able to receive our exclusive primary care and urgent care services for an affordable monthly fee.

All middle-men like insurance companies are cut out of the equation, saving you money, time and frustration with transparent pricing and flexible scheduling.

● A medical team of nurses, physicians, and medical assistants  focused on you.

● Direct phone access to your primary care provider.​
● A focus on long term wellness and disease prevention.

● Transparent pricing that is affordable.
● Labs, medical diagnostics, referrals, screenings, and everything else needed to provide full service, high value, primary care.

● Adults >= 50 years old $85
● Adults < 50 years old $75
● Healthy children of adult members (<26 years old) $35 (family discount)
● Pediatrics < 18 years old $65

● Primary care physician visits (wellness exams, well-child checks, newborn care, sick care, travel consults, occupational and sports physicals).
● Nurse visits (consultations including: travel
, infusion, vaccinations, dietary, medical kit, and general health).
● Telemedicine visits.
● Functional medicine.
● Calls, texts, and emails directly to your nurses and primary care physician.
● After hours calls and texts for urgent problems (that cannot wait until morning).
● Complex medical management of chronic disease like diabetes, mental health problems, heart disease, and etc.
● If medically necessary, same day or next day visits will always be available.
● Lab test acquisition.
● Annual wellness exams focused on disease prevention.
● Discounted prices on diagnostics, office procedures, labs, medications, and intravenous therapy services.

● On-site medications and immunizations.
● Wonder Medicine website prices on intravenous medications and fluids without the consultation fee.
● Ketamine therapy 20% off.

Schedule a "New Patient Consultation" for $150. After joining, your monthly payments will start immediately. If you have not joined the clinic since your initial consultation and 12 months or more has passed, please schedule a "New Patient Consultation." Wonder Medicine reserves the right to deny membership to any patient that the clinic does not feel they can adequately care for.


● Specialty physician care. Though the providers at Wonder Medicine can handle most medical issues, sometimes consulting a specialist can be helpful.
● Obstetrical emergencies and deliveries. We can take care of you while you are pregnant, but we cannot perform your delivery or handle pregnancy emergencies.
● Surgical procedures requiring an operating room.
● Physical and occupational therapy.
● Speech therapy.
● Mental health therapy, though we can manage all classes of psychiatric medications.
● Cancer treatment.
● Hospital care, however, we are excellent at keeping people out of the hospital.


There is no minimum commitment period and you may cancel your membership at any time. We require written notice, via email or direct mail that you would like to cancel. Please include the exact date you would like your membership to end. We will then email you a "Termination Form" to be completed and signed by the patient and emailed back to us. Once we receive a completed and signed "Termination Form," your recurring payments will be stopped for that specific date provided. Any payments already received are non-refundable.

Wonder Medicine does not accept any form of insurance and we are not able to see patients covered by Medicare or Medicaid due to federal law. Patients are welcome to submit any claims to their own insurance for any care rendered, devices, and/or medications/immunizations received.
We recommend you maintain some form of medical insurance to protect you and your loved ones from catastrophes like a severe traumatic injury or a new cancer diagnosis. We can help you find the right insurance plan for you, your family, or your workforce if you do not already have one! If you do not have insurance, Wonder Medicine will treat you just like any of our other members!

Termination Form

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