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Travel Medicine at Wonder Medicine

Traveling comes with risks, many parts of the world are dangerous and some put individuals at risk for diseases and infections that do not exist in the United States. There are many ways to mitigate the risks of travel. Our travel medicine services are here to help.


We can provide you with information regarding safe travel, illness prevention and treatment. Well-written handouts and other resources will be provided. Visits are very flexible and may consist of varied topics such as tropical illnesses, recognizing infections while abroad, avoiding gastrointestinal parasites, WHO and CDC recommended vaccines for travel, hygiene, and much more. All recommended or desired vaccinations and malaria prevention medication can be provided. Post-travel follow up included for those that become ill or have concerns while traveling.

Travel Consultation (60 min)     $75 + price of each immunization or medication


The Wonder Medicine team is a group of adventurous people that want to support those with active lifestyles. We provide medical adventure kits built by trained and experienced medical professionals. We have a basic medical kit, or we can help you build a customized medical kit tailored specifically to your itinerary. We are also happy to build a personalized medication kit specific to your adventure. We carry all of our supplies and medications in-house so everything you need can be provided within the visit. Prescription medications for altitude sickness and antibiotics can be provided after a visit with our physician.

Basic Medical Adventure Kit (no visit)    $50


We provide travel immunization services to help keep you protected from preventable diseases! Contact us for availability and pricing. Since vaccines are expensive and expire, we have limited quantities available on site. Please call us ahead of time to let us know if you need a vaccine so we can have it ready for you.  As Wonder grows and we grasp a better understanding of our vaccine demands, we will increase our onsite quantities of vaccines. We apologize for this inconvenience!


Immunization Visit     (call for vaccine pricing and availability)

Travel Insurance Partners


For the seriously adventurous traveler, we partner with Global Rescue.

They offer medical consultation, field rescue, evacuation, security extraction,

travel intelligence, and GPS tracking and communication. Click to visit the Global

Rescue website for more information and for purchasing.   


 Inspiration, opportunities, and travel insurance to help you fuel your curiosity,

find your journey, and travel bravely. This insurance partner is best for the mildly

adventurous traveler. They have different plans with benefits including trip

cancelation, emergency medical expenses, emergency medical transportation,

and gear protection. Click to visit the World Nomads website for more information

and for purchasing.

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