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Common Addictions in 2023 and How to Quit

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Definition of Addiction,


- Are behaviors we do regularly

- Have a negative effect on our lives and relationships

- Are difficult for us to stop doing

It is impossible to achieve optimal health when a person is living with addiction. One’s thoughts, actions, and time become consumed. Goals, relationships, hobbies, meaning, and joy suffer.

Sadly, denial is a powerful thing. Many addicts are not ready to quit, and some are not even ready to think about quitting. A wise patient, now sober for 43 years told me, “Only one person in my town of 4,000 did not know I was an alcoholic……that person was me”

Some substances like tobacco are chemically addictive. Other substances like cannabis (and behaviors like social media) hijack the reward circuits in our brain, make us feel good or at least want more, and are habit forming. Still other substances and behaviors just help us avoid addressing the things we really need to do in our lives (tools of procrastination and avoidance). Whatever the case, if it fits the above definition, we call it an addiction at Wonder Medicine. As such, addictions can take many forms.

In 2023, the most common addictions I am seeing in the order of highest prevalence are:

1. Sugar

2. Cannabis

3. Tobacco and alcohol

4. Social Media

5. Phones and Screens

6. Ultra-Processed foods

7. Negative thought patterns leading to self-destructive behaviors and chronic under achievement

8. In-action ( too many people are deferring their dreams in favor of doing nothing at home )

Tips for breaking any bad habit or addiction:

1) Build your army. Tell everyone you care about that you have a problem. Let them know you are going to quit. Ask for their support and set a date. (this is why alcoholics anonymous can be so effective - support is everything)

2) Change your environment. Move living spaces, get a new circle of friends, travel, go to rehab. New environments make changing behaviors easier.

3) Think about the life you will have. The clear thoughts, extra money, extra time, attention for loved ones, and etc (do not think about quitting – that doesn’t work – think about the positive and avoid focusing on the negative)

4) Change your mind. Change starts in the brain with our thoughts. Actions then follow our thoughts.

5) Get Help from a Medical Provider. Your brain has been hijacked and hardwired. The right medical doctor can wield powerful medications that will help you reprogram your brain and break the cycle.

Wonder Medicine would love to help. We offer:

- Primary care for those suffering from addiction

- Medications to help reduce cravings and treat withdrawal (for primary care members)

- Ketamine therapy – makes it easier to change your mind and behaviors

- NAD+ - makes it easier to change your mind and behaviors

- Hope

Your life is waiting for you

Schedule your new patient consultation or ketamine consultation at:

Check out our clinic at:

Call us if you have questions at: 208-342-1129

Thanks for reading and good luck,

Bill Brandenburg, MD

*** Wonder Medicine will not prescribe controlled substances at your 1st visit ***

Wonder Medicine’s Longevity and Performance Program improves your lifespan and healthspan with a research-driven proactive program that focuses on the big picture of your health so you can perform at your highest potential.

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