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Employers, Direct Primary Care is a Game Changer that will Keep your Work Force and Finances Healthy

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Monthly premiums, deductible’s, and the health of the average American are spiraling out of control. Health insurance has become unaffordable and high deductibles essentially prevent beneficiaries from actually being able to access care.

Healthcare costs for a typical family are now averaging $20,000 per year as of 2019. Moreover, obesity and all of the other health problems related to this growing problem are making primary care more important than ever.

American health care is upside down. The industry is focused on taking your money. It has no incentive to keep you well. Just look at where money is both spent and collected. We spend trillions on hospitals and back end care. Meanwhile public health, primary care, and prevention have been squeezed to a breaking point. Sadly, these ladder three elements are the key to healthy and productive populations.

Invest in your workforce today!

Direct primary care (DPC) gives you and your employees access to doctors around the clock. This will keep them out of the emergency department. One ED trip by 1 employee can pay for 3 to 10 employees’ annual membership fees.

Moreover, DPC shifts the healthcare focus to prevention. Wonder Medicine DPC gets to know every one of our patients. We work to prevent problems, screen for disease, and put out fires before they ever start. Stop looking for wellness through standard healthcare models, it does not exist.

Additionally, employers can benefit from DPC in a number of ways. With a DPC membership, much of what you are already having to pay for will be covered. This includes:

- Urgent care visits for work injuries

- Occupational physicals

- Workers compensation claims become much less necessary as workers already have an all access pass to a comprehensive medical clinic.

- Less surprise FMLA paperwork

- Medical direction for your business including workplace safety, wellness, and a culture of health.

DPC offers a broad medical skill set. Wonder Medicine can do a number of things that standard primary care clinics cannot! We have advanced diagnostics available for pennies on the dollar compared to hospital charges. Our prices are all listed on our website ( Full price transparency always!

Sadly most primary care clinics are owned by large healthcare systems that use them as referral networks. These systems want patients to see as many doctors, get as many tests, and treatments as possible to maximize profits.

By signing on with a DPC you buy your employees protection from this potentially toxic, maladapted system. While a good specialty provider can be very helpful, they are also much more likely to recommend expensive diagnostics and treatments, that all too often offer marginal to know benefit.

A good DPC provider can protect your employees from diagnostics and treatment cascades which have become the norm in healthcare. Such protection is part of health and wellness as unnecessary diagnostics and tests can have serious negative consequences.

The best part of all is that DPC’s are saving companies money! Many studies are showing that utilizing a DPC is lowering overall healthcare costs by 20%, while offering better care, and an executive level experience.

Standard healthcare is unaffordable, offers suboptimal care, hurts patients, and is bankrupting all of us. Yet for some reason, many employers return to this abusive relationship every year!

Change your behavior today, join a DPC clinic like Wonder Medicine in Boise, Idaho, and give your workforce the healthcare they deserve.

A Wonder Medicine membership pairs great with a high deductible, HSA eligible insurance plan. However, if your company cannot afford healthcare “insurance”, but wants to offer employees a tangible health benefit, consider DPC! Insurance is often unaffordable but DPC is not. Moreover, DPC is the most important element.

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Thanks so much,

Bill Brandenburg, MD

Wonder Medicine’s Longevity and Performance Program improves your lifespan and healthspan with a research-driven proactive program that focuses on the big picture of your health so you can perform at your highest potential.


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