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Introduction to the Full Scope Longevity and Performance Podcast

Updated: Dec 5, 2023


- new 10-to-20-minute podcast every Monday

- the science, philosophies, and actionable information about health, longevity, and performance

- meant to help listeners become the highest performing individual possible

- Increase your lifespan, healthspan, and view your life through the full scope


- Free content, no adds, no junk, just the facts

- This podcast does not create a provider patient relationship between the listener and the full scope team.

- This podcast is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure your personal medical problem.

- If you want professional medical advice, check out Wonder Medicine's Longevity and Performance Program

- Measure biomarkers and health metrics most strongly tied to health, longevity, and performance year after year.

- Track these metrics in a database with machine learn and artificial intelligence that can predict biological age, death, and the development of disease years before these problems become clinically apparent.

- Provide members with insight into their current health, long term health trajectory, and what actions they need to take today to improve their life.

- Offer protocols intended to increase lifespan and healthspan including pharmaceuticals, neutraceutics, lifestyle interventions, and regenerative medicine techniques.

- Deliver the program using a multidisciplinary team including a physician, nutritionist lifestyle coach, exercise physiologist, registered nurse, medical assistants, and data scientist to give program member the most holistic and individualized plan possible for the longest, productive, and most fulfilling life.


- We know that not everyone will be able to join the program for a number of different reasons.

- Additionally, we do not have the capacity to enroll everyone who could benefit.


- We are going to give away all our knowledge, insight, and recommendations about how to live a better and longer life through the Full Scope Podcast, Wonder Medicine blog, and other media sources for free.

- We do this because we want to create a better world. A better world starts with health optimized individuals performing at the highest level.

- Please enjoy!

Who is Bill Brandenburg?

- The creator of the Full Scope podcast and founder of the Wonder Medicine Longevity and Performance Center.

- A medical doctor with a broad scope of medical knowledge now focused entirely on longevity and performance

- Husband to Karlee Brandenburg, co-Wonder Medicine founder, registered nurse, and loving wife.

- Father to Grover (7 months) and Koehler (2.5 years), Bill’s greatest accomplishment in life.

The stages (epochs) of Bill’s life and how he got to where he is now.

Early Childhood

- Loved nature, animals, and the living world.

- This taught him how intricately tied the health of humanity is to the health of our planet and our environments.

Grade school

- Excelled at math, science, and social studies

- Unable to learn how to read, write, and diagnosed with a learning disability

- Eventually was able to turn his biggest weakness into one of his greatest strengths.

- Bill has a unique way of viewing the world and solving logical problems. What looked like a detriment is now what drives his innovative spirit and unique approach to solving problems.


- Became the focus of Bill’s life for over a decade with thousands of hours invested.

- Played in college at Regis University on a full scholarship.

- Biggest accomplishment in basketball was being named a junior college all American at Meramec community college in St. Louis, MO. Community college is a great call!

- But, this “biggest accomplishment” would have been more appropriately awarded to the entire team as Bill simply had the best stats among an entire crew of great players and people.

- Basketball taught Bill the Importance of fabulous fundamentals, teamwork, and how hard you must work to be successful at anything.

Science, Technology, and Medicine

- Graduated from Regis University with a B.S. in Biochemistry

- Loves research but decided to go into medicine so he could spend more time with and help people.

- Still enjoys research and focuses on epidemiology, the study of disease and health in populations.

Medical Training

- Learned the broadest scope of medicine possible in rural medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine rural track and the Family Medicine Residency of Idaho, Caldwell rural training track.

- Delivered babies, took care of sick people in the hospital and ICU, learned surgical technique, endoscopy, and primary care.

- Trained to be the sole doctor in a small town, able to provide the majority of medical needs.

Medical Practice

- Bill has worked at multiple rural critical access hospitals across the west and Midwest, taking care of sick patients in the hospital including the ICU.

- Launched direct primary care clinic, the former Wonder Medicine, immediately after residency training

- Spent 4-years post-training understanding lifestyle medicine, popular health beliefs, functional medicine practices, and more. Bill knows both worlds, conventual and “woke”. Very rare.

Bill’s Medical Epiphany

- Primary care and the American healthcare system is reactive and often fails to deliver health.

- His work in the clinic treating younger people at the start of their health journey as well as his time in the hospital caring for sick, old, and debilitated individuals has allowed him to see people’s lives through the Full Scope.

- This led to the development of the Longevity and Performance program, designed be proactive and optimize health before the big, sometimes irreversible health catastrophes, develop.

What else

- Bill has lived life. He has traveled, partied, done a lot of things that aren’t good for his body, met numerous great people, and had amazing experiences including piloting aircraft, ski mountaineering, and building things (like a clinic).

- As such, he brings a well-rounded and real approach to optimizing health. Bill has lived in the real world as well as the textbooks.

- Bill is now 100% focused on health and longevity and seeks to become the greatest Longevity Medicine doctor in the world.

Roadmap for Full Scope

- Will start with the fundamentals: lifestyle practices and behaviors that lead to the longest, most productive, and fulfilling life.

- Then dive into deeper topics all things health and longevity.

- This might include pharmaceutical therapies, new longevity technologies, regenerative medicine practices, deep dives into health metrics, and more.

- Full Scope hopes to give listeners the right plan for success.

- We will learn, innovate, and continuously improve.

- Everything we learn we will share with you.

- Thanks for listening and reading.

Bill Brandenburg, MD

Wonder Medicine’s Longevity and Performance Program improves your lifespan and healthspan with a research-driven proactive program that focuses on the big picture of your health so you can perform at your highest potential.

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