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Medical Aesthetics at Wonder Medicine


A set of principles concerned with the appreciation of beauty.

Medical Aesthetics:

Procedures and interventions meant to improve appearance and beauty


A product applied to the face or body meant to improve appearance


How we look affects our self-confidence, mood, and overall health. Our appearance also affects how other people perceive us and influences life opportunities tremendously. Wanting to look good is not vain, but instead an expression of love for ourselves.

Stated simply: The connections between our appearance, our health, and life opportunities are very strong.

Aesthetic Services

As such, Wonder Medicine is proud to offer minimally invasive medical aesthetic services including:

- Neurotoxin injections (Botox)

- Filler injections

- NAD+ and glutathione infusions

- Exosome infusions

- Micro-needling with platelet rich plasma

- Micro-needling with Exosomes

- Skin lesion removal and dermatology services for primary care members

Cosmetic Products

In addition to the above services, Wonder Medicine offers cosmetics and other products that can improve the way you look. These include:

- Obagi Skin Care Products

- Supplements for skin health

- Pharmaceutical cosmetics for primary care members

The above products and services can improve aesthetic appearance and self-confidence tremendously so that you can look as good as you feel. Moreover, Wonder Medicine always utilizes licensed nurses and providers that have a tremendous amount of skill and experience. If you want great results, performed in a safe setting, at an affordable price, then check out Wonder Medicine.

But also, be prepared to………

Do the Work

Nothing can improve cosmetic appearance, beauty, skin health, and slow aging more than a healthy lifestyle.

- Exercise will keep you young. It will make your skin beautiful

- Real food = clean skin, Processed junk food = greasy oily skin

- Sleep will tighten up those wrinkles and help our bodies take out the garbage (including the garbage in our skin)

- Healthy stress reduction tactics like meditation will make you glow.

Aesthetics procedures and interventions can do a lot. But they work best in the setting of a healthy lifestyle. Wonder Medicine recommends all the above for those looking to improve their appearance. Need help with the fundamentals? Then check out our primary care clinic.


Love yourself no matter how you look. Confidence is sexy and contagious! Nobody is perfect. Wanting to look better and taking appropriate action is constructive. Negative thoughts and hating ones-self are never constructive. Always accept and love yourself while you try to become the best version of yourself.

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Thanks so much,

Bill Brandenburg, MD

Aphrodite: Greek goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality

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