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Pilot Physicals at Wonder Medicine in Boise, Idaho

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Class 2 and 3 FAA medical certificates are now available at Wonder Medicine. At this time, we do not have clearance from the FAA to perform class 1 physicals. But we are hoping to offer this service sometime in the next few years.

Pilot physicals at Wonder Medicine will have one of two outcomes, certification or deferral. Individuals who have health issues like heart disease, vision problems (<20/40 near or 20/20 distant [20/40 distant for class 3), hearing problems, or other health issues which may affect aviation safety may need to be deferred. Deferral is not a failure; but it means that the FAA will have to review your case before determining if you are safe to fly or perform your job-related flight. Most pilots that are deferred will eventually receive clearance to fly.

If you are concerned about a medical issue that may compromise your ability to receive a class 2 or 3 medical certificate, consider making an appointment with us prior to your physical. Wonder Medicine and the FAA’s goals are to keep civil aviation safe while allowing as many people the ability to fly as possible. We are your allies and would like to help get you flying. But we also want you, your passengers, and everyone else to be safe.

Red and green color vision can be stressful for many potential pilots. This is because 6% of men are partially or completely red, green color blind. Makes you wonder why we created a society so dependent on these colors. At Wonder we use the Ishihara 38 plate test, and generally an abbreviated version looking at pages 1, 2, 5, 9, and 13, which correspond to numbers 12, 8, 5, 2, and 5 on the test. Additional pages may also be tested. Other facilities may use various tests for this purpose. Most people with color blindness are able to fly in some capacity following deferral.

Class 3 physicals are good for 60 months if you are less than 40 years old and good for 24 months if you are over 40 years at the time of your exam. Class 2 physicals are good for 12 calendar months.

Wonder Medicine would love to be part of your aviation career or hobby. We are passionate about aviation as well as keeping people safe in any environment.

Schedule your Class 2 or 3 FAA physical today!

Thanks and happy flying,

Bill Brandenburg, MD, Private Pilot

Wonder Medicine’s Longevity and Performance Program improves your lifespan and healthspan with a research-driven proactive program that focuses on the big picture of your health so you can perform at your highest potential.

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