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Stop Avoiding the (Your) Thing

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Everyone has weaknesses that they work very hard to cover up or completely ignore. The hand of time will eventually expose these weaknesses. Don’t get caught with you pants down. Do something today


- We push our children to develop and learn

- Children are forced to do things they are not comfortable with every day (we force them to be the idiot, when they do something well, we take it a step further)

- A child would never be allowed to avoid something important (school, math, reading, sharing, etc)

- The best parents and teachers make/let children solve problems on their own…just tell them “that’s tricky hah” or “you are going to have to figure it out”

- I explain complicated ideas to my 2-year-old, people often say, “he cant understand that”, I respond, “and he wont ever understand if I don’t start explaining it”.

- Why don’t we hold our adult selves to the same standards?

- As a child, you were probably told things repeatedly. As an adult, you probably still hear it sometimes. Maybe time to start listening? Time to make the change?

So what is “the thing” or more specifically “your thing”


- We all have them

- We love to avoid them, even sometimes pretending they do not exist.

- They all represent an achilles heal that could ruin our lives as we age

- Longevity requires that weaknesses be addressed and trained out

- Avoidance is a bad strategy and a bad coping mechanism in general

What you need to do

- Listen, look, and be objective: this is likely something people have told you (and maybe you have told yourself), you need to do throughout your life.

- Stop avoiding it and lean into it hard, make your weaknesses disappear by training them out.

- Way too many people are choosing easy paths through life that allow them to avoid their weaknesses. Think about every story you have ever read. Intro, challenge, resolution. How boring of a story will your life be if you never face or address challenges

- Society is getting soft. Just as the individual will pay, so too will the collective.

***Challenge your body and your mind regularly. Complacency leads to rigidity, rigidity is on step closer to death.

***Treat Yourself Like a child, force yourself to do the thing, Double down when you don’t want to do it the most.

- podcasting

***Find ways to enjoy the process of learning, changing, and growing

- everyone enjoys finishing and accomplishing, train yourself to enjoy doing

*** Be willing to be the stupidest, weakest, most incompetent person in the room. With this attitude, you will eventually be both the best and the most humble (powerful combination).

- Learning a new language, sport, subject, or thing

***Aging will most often target you at your weakest point first.

***Turn your weaknesses into strengths and embrace your true potential. Stop identifying weaknesses. Instead, refer to them as things you are going to work on and improve.

*** Work: participate in meaningful work that aligns with your purpose. Work your ass off.

Biggest things people avoid

- Exercise and movement – start moving

- Building social connections – get out there and meet people

- Brain Foggy – use your brain

- Identifying personality characteristics that prevent building relationships. (maladaptive personality traits – learned behaviors – unlearn them) – learn new behaviors (don’t settle for being borderline, histrionic, narcissistic, or dependent)

- Meaningful work – get a job that gets you excited and aligns with your purpose (social security disability ruins people lives and increases mortality. Work your ass off.

- Learning unfamiliar topics – dive in

- Thinking about ideas from a different perspective – force yourself to argue a viewpoint that opposes your own. Put somebody elses shoes on and walk around. Thank you Atticus from “to kill a mockingbird”

- Purpose – decide what you are about and build a life around it

- Only enjoying the end result and not the process. The eventuality of this mental framework is to “enjoy life after death”. Bad strategy…..enjoy the work. Work is life


- This is a very important! I have been training for 36 years and will never stop. Live life as a trainee.

- Don’t just train yourself to learn new things….

- Train yourself to enjoy training (enjoy the process). Its all about the journey

- Train for “the thing”, training for only what you are already good at will not get you their.

Avoid the trap of happiness. Happiness tends to run with pleasure and often engenders laziness. Too broad of a term that can spiral into distorted reasoning. Instead shoot for fulfillment

Wonder Medicine’s Longevity and Performance Program improves your lifespan and healthspan with a research-driven proactive program that focuses on the big picture of your health so you can perform at your highest potential.

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