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The Nutcracker Uses Ketamine to Treat PTSD at Wonder Medicine

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

“I am a soldier,” the Nutcracker told me. “I have done many things I am not proud of. But stress, anger, and sorrow now consume my life."

"Ever since I defeated the Mouse King and all the other mice under the floorboard, I have had the same re-occurring nightmare:

The Mouse King returns to life, eats the entire Christmas feast, defeats the toy soldiers, defeats me, and then torments dear Clara in her sleep for the rest of her life. I often wake up sweating and screaming. "One time during my nightmare, I accidentally strangled my wife Bella (one of the sugar plum fairies). Bella nearly left me after that."

After discussing the Nutcracker's mental health, we reviewed his diet and lifestyle. While he did consume lots of nuts, he had also developed a sweet tooth. “I love the sugar plums my wife makes me." The "Land of Sweets" had not done the Nutcracker any favors. His triglycerides and blood pressure were high. Like 90% of United States adults, the Nutcracker had developed metabolic syndrome.

The Nutcracker needed to change his lifestyle and work through his past trauma. Listening to Tchaikovsky’s music would not be enough this time.

The Nutcracker needed Wonder Medicine!

“Changing my behavior will be very hard. I am not sleeping, I have stopped exercising, and I depend on sweets to lower my stress." The Nutcracker felt defeated and just didn’t see how he would be able to change his lifestyle with everything going on.

In light of his severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Ketamine therapy was recommended to the Nutcracker. He was also prescribed a healthy lifestyle and asked to avoid sweets, among other things.

As the Ketamine slowly infused, one of Wonder Medicine’s highly trained nurses (the best nurses in the world!) kept a watchful eye. The Nutcracker slipped into an altered state as visions of sugar plum ferries danced in his head. Then the road got rockier. The nutcracker was able to visualize his traumas. He woke up from his first ketamine treatment in tears. It was the first real progress he had made in years.

After a few more treatments, the Nutcracker was feeling much better. More-over, the ketamine made it easier for the Nutcracker to get out of his negative thought patterns and change his bad lifestyle habits. He started sleeping better, avoiding sweets, and practicing his swordsmanship again. His marriage improved as well.

“The ketamine allowed me to process my trauma, change my bad habits, and move on with my life. I did not realize how dark things had become. Thank you so much Wonder Medicine, for helping me get my life back. This holiday season should be the best one yet!” – Said the Nutcracker.

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Happy Holidays,

Bill Brandenburg, MD

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