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Wonder Medicine’s Guide to Achieving Your 2023 New Year’s Resolution

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Most of us want to be better people. If not for us, then for those we care about. But bettering one’s life requires deliberate change, and this type of change can be hard work. Before we can change our actions, we must first change our minds.

Tips to changing your thoughts and behaviors easier:

- change your environment (e.g. remove junk food from your kitchen)

- surround yourself with people that live by the qualities you wish to obtain

- celebrate every small victory on the path to change

- reward yourself in ways that are in line with your future goals

- start with very easy objectives (e.g. exercise 5 minutes, 3 days a week)

- when you slip up, do not dwell on your mistake, just be better next time

- let others know your goals and intentions, ask them to keep you accountable

- focus on what you will get with changes (e.g. more time with loved ones)

- do not focus on what habits you are giving up (e.g. thinking about not-smoking tobacco is less helpful than thinking about how good your lungs will feel on runs)

- consider using pharmaceuticals that can help make change easier (e.g. naltrexone for reducing substance cravings)

- make a plan for what you will do when things get hard

- believe in yourself!

The below steps will help you make changes in your life:

1) Visualize: What does the ideal you look like? What will you accomplish? What behaviors and habits will you need to get there? Dream big and visualize every detail of how this will look.

2) Believe: Believe in yourself and leave self-doubt behind. Every time your brain enters a negative thought pattern or expresses doubt, consciously stop these negative thoughts and tell yourself.

- I am good enough

- I deserve the life I want

- Every day I am getting better and better

3) Change: Now, change your behavior in positive ways that will allow you to achieve the ideal you. Start small, do the work, maintain discipline, and be consistent. Remember, every big change is made up of many small changes. Tackle change in small amounts. Over time, these behaviors will solidify into habits that will eventually become harder to break than to follow.

4) Give Back: Bettering yourself comes with a sense of pride that goes far beyond modern life’s easy pleasures. It brings true joy and satisfaction. But it also brings something even better. Your good habits (and bad habits of course) will be contagious. Your kids, loved ones, friends, and community members will see them and try to emulate them.

When we make ourselves better people, we end up making everyone around us a better person as well. Great societies are built on this sort of positive contagion.

So, if you want to be the change you hope to see in the world, then start by changing yourself for the better. The first step in this process is changing the way you think.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR and thanks for reading,

Bill Brandenburg, MD

Wonder Medicine’s Longevity and Performance Program improves your lifespan and healthspan with a research-driven proactive program that focuses on the big picture of your health so you can perform at your highest potential.

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