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Longevity and Performance Center

at Wonder Medicine

LONGEVITY & performance

Track health metrics directly linked to longevity. Utilize lifestyle and pharmaceutical interventions designed to increase lifespan and healthspan. Medication management for chronic disease and mental health.

infusion therapy

Intravenous fluids, medications, vitamins, and minerals are all available at our infusion clinic. Wonder Medicine has IV therapies for both treatment and disease prevention as well as prescription infusions for health wellness. Give yourself a boost today.

ketamine therapy

At low IV or IM doses, the NMDA antagonist, Ketamine, works tremendously well for treating chronic pain, depression, PTSD, suicidal ideation, and many other health problems. Ketamine often works even when other medicines have failed. A physician consultation is required prior to therapy.


Neurotoxin and filler services provided by licensed, trained medical professionals. Initial consultation is free.

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