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Longevity Fundamentals Book

Live Better, Longer.

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Take charge of your health

From reactive to proactive in 119 pages. Dr. Brandenburg will help you make sense of all the health information out there and prioritize what really matters thanks to experience working with thousands of patients.

Learn the 12 Pillars of Health

Sleep, nutrition, exercise, stress – yep, Dr. Brandenburg will cover those and cut through the noise with real-life guidance. He’ll also discuss less-obvious but critical topics like relationships, purpose, balance, and environment.

Profits only true health can bring

Time, money, and resources all become useless if we do not have the body and mind to enjoy them. Learn to love and cherish your body as the beautiful machine it is.

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Improved longterm health

Being healthy now is the best thing anyone can do to extend the length and quality of life. Get tools to make life worth living now and for years to come.

The best version of yourself

If you want to be a badass old person, able to do the things that young people do, read every word of this book.


Optimize Performance

Learn why optimizing performance requires optimizing health, and understand how to do it. Only the best version of you will achieve, create, and share at the highest level. 

Improve Mental Wellness

Learn how to create a stable mind capable of handling emotions and solving complex challenges.

Sustainable Nutrition

Cut through the nutrition noise that doesn’t really matter and learn a simple, 5-step approach to the right human diet.

Lifespan and Healthspan

Plus, learn about all the factors that influence how long and how well we live: relationships, purpose, stress, environment, and more.

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