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Functional Medicine at Wonder Medicine

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Functional medicine is a type of medical care that focuses on nutrition, lifestyle, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

The philosophy of functional medicine centers around 2 ideas:

1) Treat the root cause of disease

2) View the body as a unified functional system made up of 7 biological systems that should be optimized.

- assimilation (digestion and absorption of nutrients)

- structural (bones, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissues)

- communication (hormones, signaling molecules)

- transport (blood vessels, lymphatics)

- biotransformation/elimination (detoxification)

- energy (mitochondrial health)

- defense/repair (immune system, healing)

At its best, functional medicine is a structural approach to optimizing human wellness that often finds success where conventional medicine has failed. At its worst functional medicine is a medical philosophy focused on ordering thousands of dollars of sometimes poorly validated lab tests and pushing expensive supplements.

At Wonder Medicine clinic, we utilize the best parts of functional medicine in order to take great care of our patients.

Wonder Medicine seeks to:

- Treat the root cause of disease

- Focus on meaningful lifestyle changes over pills

- Optimize environment to optimize health

- Treat the whole person (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually)

- Utilize food as medicine.

For those interested, Wonder Medicine can test your hormones, nutrient levels, toxin levels, DNA, metabolism, methylations status, gut microbiome, and so much more. Wander medicine also carries a full line of high-quality supplements in addition to our in-house pharmacy. These lab tests and supplements can be quite helpful at times. But they can also be expensive and even harmful. As such, we try to be more targeted in our testing and supplement recommendations.

If functional and lifestyle medicine appeals to you, then check out Wonder Medicine.

Additionally, Wonder Medicine also offers full spectrum family medical care. So, if you have an infection, broken bone, need stitches, or whatever else, we can often take care of that too.

If you want the best of both functional and western medicine, then come Wonder with us.

Schedule online today:

Call today: 208-342-1129

Thanks so much,

Bill Brandenburg, MD

Wonder Medicine’s Longevity and Performance Program improves your lifespan and healthspan with a research-driven proactive program that focuses on the big picture of your health so you can perform at your highest potential.

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