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London Baby Meet Up

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Want to visit the past and the future? Then go to London, United Kingdom. But do your homework ahead of time! Traveling internationally in the COVID19 era requires extra steps and red tape.

Tower Bridge, Tower of London, Two Babies - Two impressive sites near Borough Market.

London, an impressively built city, is the 4th largest in Europe with 10 million people. The city's real estate is perhaps the most expensive in the world. London’s stone walkways, old and modern buildings, fancy street lamps, mom and pop shops, world class gardens, and London Plain tree lined streets reek of wealth and exude beauty. While magnificent, London is not a cheap trip.

The baby meet up!

The city hosts 4 world heritage sites.

1. Tower of London: A historic stone castle on the bank of the river Thames.

2. Palace of Westminster: Massive neo-gothic building that hosts the two houses of Parliament, the House of Commons and House of Lords.

3. Westminster Abbey: The Collegiate Church of Saint Peter at Westminster is a huge Gothic Cathedral that sits right next to the Palace of Westminster.

4. Kew Gardens: Botanical garden with the largest and most diverse botanical and mycological collection in the world.

The Palace of Westminster is most impressive!

Lilly House at Kew Gardens - Kew is absolutely mind blowing! Do not miss this opportunity!

All 4 are spectacular to see. Kew was most impressive to a nature and plant enthusiast like myself. The conservatories at Kew are stunning. The plants specimens were diverse, often mature, and from all over the globe.

London is an architect’s, gardener's, luxury shopper's, historian's, and food lover’s dream. The walking keeps the weight off, despite the food and beer. Walking throughout the day is so good for health. London will walk you 2 miles after 2 pints and a heavy meal.

Buckingham Palace Gate - The stone, cast iron, and attention to detail was inspiring.

Children are valued in London. Strollers are everywhere. The parks in London have incredible natural playgrounds that incorporate wood, rock, plants, metal, and other natural materials. Minimal to no plastic is utilized in these playgrounds. Kew Gardens has a sensational natural playground as does Holland Park.

Strollers are everywhere in London. The babies pose in front of Kensington Palace.

One of many play areas at Holland Park - So much better than plastic! London does playgrounds right!

Pubs are the place to be in London, particularly for Sunday roast. But the city also hosts some impressive marketplaces and food halls. Borough Market was particularly noteworthy and bustling.

Bring the whole family to the Pub in London! All ages welcome. This is how it should be!

Proud to be sitting up like a big girl at Sunday Roast. So much stimulation.

Borough Market - London does food right! The markets are extraordinary.

London was a great city for 2 babies to meet. The walking, eating, and opportunities to look at things are endless. Our new family of 3 spent just 5 days in London. If not for an 6 hour layover in Chicago (O’Hare looked like a dump compared to Heathrow), this would have been the perfect trip.

But do prepare for travel. There is so much red tape to international travel and governments do not seem to be making things easy on travelers.

Tips for Travel to London

- Break in your walking shoes

- Bring a raincoat (it rains all the time)

- Be prepared to spend money

- Expect extra steps, paperwork, and red tape when traveling. Do your research.

- Bring your Covid19 vaccination card with your passport and passenger locator form (submit this form 48 hours before arrival in the UK -

- Do your homework on Covid19 testing, We took a COVID19 test 2 days after arriving and the day prior to leaving London. These tests must be approved by the mandating country.

- If you have a child < 25 lbs, ask for seats with a bassinet on your transatlantic flight (game changer!)

Our bassinet for the little bear on our transatlantic flight.

- You can travel in cabs in London holding babies, no car seat required

- Get your smart phone wallet or chip credit ready card to pay for everything

Thank you for reading. Safe travels.

Bill Brandenburg, MD

Wonder Medicine’s Longevity and Performance Program improves your lifespan and healthspan with a research-driven proactive program that focuses on the big picture of your health so you can perform at your highest potential.

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